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Consumer Product Reviews

Carrier Infinity 95% AFUE Furnace

My 95% AFUE Carrier Infinity furnace

Before you buy a new furnace check with your local utility supplier for any rebate incentives, also look into any federal tax credit incentives. I just bought the top of the line Carrier Infinity furnace for almost the same price I would have paid for the cheapest model, what a great Deal.

This is how it played out for me.

92% AFUE furnace $1,500 installed minus a $200 RGE Rebate= Total Price $1,300

95% AFUE furnace $3,000 installed minus a $600 RGE Rebate + $900.00 Federal tax credit = Total $1,500


I’m told the federal tax credit is 30% of the total cost up to $1,500 and only furnaces 95% and greater qualifies for this tax credit.


By the way this furnace works great I’m very happy with it. The furnace is so quiet you can’t even tell its running. Because it’s a two stage it heats very even. I’ll give more updates soon, as I have only had the furnace for one month

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Rinnai R75LSi Tankless Water Heater

My Rinnai R75LSi

Being the last one to take a shower every morning after the rest of the family is done. I usually end up with a few minutes of warm water. I have to take the worlds fastest shower or get stuck in cold water. Trust me there's nothing worse trying to rinse the shampoo and soap off in ice cold water. Back when I had my old 40 gallon traditional hot water tank, that's the way it was. But not any more! Last year I made the decision to replace my aging water tank with a Rinnai R75LSi energy efficient tankless hot water heater. Now I don't have to worry about cold water showers.

The Rinnai supplies endless hot water to multiple taps without ever running out. When a hot water tap is opened, the water is heated as it passes through system, and when the tap is turned off, the unit stops an goes in to standby mode. Not only is the hot water endless, but it is also fresher water. The hot water from the Rinnai is just as clean and fresh as the cold water tap. The Rinnai doesn't leave water standing in an old rusty sediment laden storage tank. If you're still not sold on HWOD (Hot Water On Demand), consider the amount of money you will save over the years by not heating a 40-60 gallons of water all day, every day just in case you need it. Most HWOD systems are rated to last more than twice the life of a traditional tank. The HWOD mounts on wall and is much smaller and more attractive than a big water tank. There are tax credits available from the IRS, as well as local utility companies.

Keep in mind that all of this comes at a hefty price. My R75LSi cost twice as much to purchase and install as a traditional tank. HWOD systems must also be directly vented, they are not vented to a chimney. Therefore, most units must be mounted on an outside wall. Another potential drawback is that it takes a couple more seconds for the hot water to reach the tap. With a traditional tank the water is already heating and waiting, when you turn on the hot tap the water hot water starts moving immediately to the tap. With HWOD, when you turn on the hot tap, the water passes through the HWOD, senses a flow and heats the water. This process may add a couple of seconds to get your hot water. In my opinion you are waiting for hot water to travel through the pipes to your tap anyway, so what's a few extra seconds.

I am very happy with my Rinnai R755LSi. For me the positives way outweigh the negatives. I would never go back to a traditional hot water tank. It's nice to always have hot water in my shower, even when the dishwasher and washing machine are running..Sometimes I take nice long showers now, just because I can.




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